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Eat healthier and avoid alcohol and tobacco so you and the other person have similar lifestyles.Dress modestly if you’re going to meet their parents.Differences only become apparent when exploring the issue of abstinence.Unlike in many mainstream religions, a sexual relationship before marriage is unacceptable in the Mormon faith.

"Our church has a very strong standard of morality," said Weber.

But, as she was speaking at the church near Salt Lake City, the microphone was turned off and she was asked to sit down.

A man then addressed the congregation, using the same mic, telling them he was grateful that the “Heavenly Father has made us all unique”.

A girlfriend, however, goes a long way toward ensuring relief.

It requires little stretch of the imagination to see the benefits of an online relationship for someone in Te'o's position.

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And, perhaps more importantly, a relationship conducted over the phone and Internet could move at a pace suitable for a shy Mormon young man.

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